A Mashup is not a Blog

A quality connection

Most people use a blog to build up a personal brand for whatever reason. Having profiles on various networks (social or not) might help multiplying the impact, however doing so doesn’t make you any more credible and in the worst case just pollutes the internet, maybe even weakens the goal you’re aiming for.

Every network is good enough on its own, so while mixing them might make sense in terms of amplification, connecting them should be used carefully and in no way continuously. Really, please don’t do this.

In order to comply with my statement above, and because I got sick of the old design, I slimmed down my blog drastically and removed all unnecessary UI clutter and got rid of the embedded bits.

Because I think, Quality is not measured in Quantity.

I’m not implying in any way that my writing is quality work, it’s just a bit cleaner presented that’s all.

Published: 2011-07-06

Tagged: Blog