Deploy BlogEngine.NET on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

Lately I’ve gotten several E-Mails a day from monitoring sites that look after my websites hosted on Genotec containing messages like “you’re site is down”.

So migrating to another hosting provider was the obvious way to go, however since there’s no other Shared-Hosting company in Switzerland, that I know of, offering .NET hosting I decided to go the Open Source route and run BlogEngine on Ubuntu.

While I wasn’t able so far to get the most recent release, version 2.5, to run on Ubuntu I simplified the installation process for doing so with release 1.6.1 by writing a script so that everyone should be able to install it themselves.

Now to the installation process. Take a clean install of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS either running in the cloud or virtualized on your local machine.

Then go through the steps below to execute the BlogEngine.NET installation script.

# Login to your VM.
ssh your_username@your_ip

# Gain root privileges.
sudo su

# Go to the root home directory.

# Download the BlogEngine.NET install script

# Set Execute-Permissions on the install file.
chmod +x blogengine_install

# Start the setup by executing the installation script.

You should now have an Ubuntu sever running BlogEngine. To validate that it’s actually working start your browser and enter the VMs IP.

# Command to get the VMs IP when logged in to the server.
$ ifconfig eth0

Congratulations on not relying on proprietary software anymore.

Published: 2011-07-10

Tagged: BlogEngine.NET Ubuntu