Commit early and often

Last night I had the task to fix a clients custom built website which I wrote quite a while ago on top of an early version of hammyoncoffeine.

Nothing difficult you might think, in the end I should be familiar with it, additionally I was using Version Control which were even better preconditions. So I thought.

Fact is, the date of the initial commit lies about half a year in the future from the date I actually needed.

Luckily I was playing quite a bit with Backup Tools at that time so going through the zip-archives on Wuala should bring the piece of code to daylight.

Sadly I only compressed ready-to-deploy pakets and yes they're are already compiled. So much for that.

In the end I had to apply non-DRY ducktape patches to meet the deadline, nonetheless I learned a valuable lesson that night, commit early and often (even when working on seemingly unimportant files).

Published: 2011-07-21

Tagged: Life-Hacks