Blame the Lizard Brain. But do it!

Today I was listening to Back to Work by Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin while coding up the next Big Thing, at least that is what the Lizard Brain tells me. During the episode they were talking about excuses one might have for not shipping all those unfinished projects.

Among those things standing in the way of letting us succeed with our ambition is the so called Lizard Brain (Amygdala). According to Seth Godin it only cares about four things: food, reproduction, safety and of course itself.

So in order to satisfy the Amygdala one has to minimize risk which is not really arrangeable with having a startup or generally learning new things because leaving our comfort zone is always a part of making progress.

Like with every other unwanted behaviour applying the principle of classical conditioning to ourselves might do the trick. In order proove my theory of Lizard Brain-self-conditioning right or wrong I am planning to work with it during the next month, constantly placing myself in unknown or personal flight-situations.

As far as I know it takes about three weeks to get used to something, so the last week should then be pure productivity and joy without procrastination and anxiety. I will let you know if it worked out until then wish me luck. (for the last part, that was clearly the Amygdala speaking ;-)

Published: 2011-07-24

Tagged: Life-Hacks