Procrastination is so yesterday

After writing the last post about the Lizard Brain I gave myself another episode of Back to Work it was episode number 4, and in there, at the end, Marlin Mann talks about the way he is handling Task Lists which mysteriously worked extremely well for me too.

It works as following, prior to adding a task to your list go mentally through it and notice every single subtask you need to achieve in order to check that item of your list. That way I accomplished 4 tasks which consumed about 2h of my time without really noticing it and that said those tasks were sitting on my list for 3 weeks already.

Next there is the second and last rule, do not dare to put tasks on your list you know upfront you are not going to do anyway. For me such a thing is sorting my photo library, I used to have an entry for sorting pictures taken while being in Canada (2008) on the list until very recently. By the way decluttering it regularly helps a lot too, believe me.

Published: 2011-07-25

Tagged: Life-Hacks