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Changing habits is difficult. On December 31 you think that in 201x you will stop smoking, start eating healthier food or in my case plain and simple gain weight. (yes, I want to be a sumo wrestler) The only problem is that you are currently within your comfort zone and you are not taking immediate action. You are procastinating. I guess a lot of people, me included, never get out of it and already fail before having started. A tip, which might sound weird, but has worked for me so far, stop thinking about it and put yourself in a position where “The only way out is through.” — Winston Churchill.

Then secondly as with every habit you want to adapt, it needs to be included in your daily routine. That means if you can keep a daily routine up for about three weeks you are most certainly going to succeed with making it a habit.

About four weeks ago my friend Steve, with whom I co-founded bitfondue, sent out a tweet which started a discussion between the two of us on how to simplify life by leveraging agile practices with the outcome that we agreed on producing a podcast about that. Still having the two points above in the back of our heads we skipped being procrastinating wusses and started being agile right away. We successfully recorded the first iteration, set up a blog using Jekyll (we are nerds what do you expect? Wordpress.) and registered the domain within the first week after initiating the adventure.

Enough history, now to the meat, if you want to have 30 minutes of LOL I highly recommend listening to Iteration 1 otherwise give Iteration 2 or 3 (the one below) a try. For more information, future iterations or comments head on over to agilelivin.

Published: 2011-08-18

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