trainshare - first update

trainshare app mockups

It has been quite a while since #MakeOpenData took place, the event where trainshare transformed from being purely an idea to something more tangible.

Since @AdrianKuendig, @visualcontext, @koma5 and I were not able to deliver a running prototype until the end of the event, we continued working on the App as well as the API whenever we had some spare time. While it is neither done nor available in the AppStore yet, we just wanted to give you a sneak peak of what is to come.

As you can see, from the video above, there are still things need to be figured out or refined. While we might think of some ourselves, we always welcome your suggestions, so do not hesitate.

Well that is it for this time around, thanks to my trainshare team members, the awesome guys behind #MakeOpenData who made this event possible, journalists and bloggers who wrote articles like this, this and this. You rock!

Published: 2012-04-26

Tagged: trainshare Hackathon Open Data Hackday