Trainshare at the Conference 2012

Last week I was priviledged to talk about @trainshare at the second OpenData conference in Switzerland. I was truly honored, and therefore nervous, to present after great speakers like @hannesgassert and @rufuspollock.

Basically I wanted to give the attending journalists and politicians an overview of what it means to develop a project based on OpenData or for that matter OpenGovernmentData. That getting Data for free does not mean the service has to be free too.

For those who have not been able to attend, or just want to glance through the talk again, @AdrianKuendig (working on the Windows Phone App for @trainshare) was kind enough to record it.

Thanks for the amazing opportunity @BarJack, @hannesgassert, @andreasamsler, @loleg, @ecolix and the rest of the team.

Published: 2012-07-01

Tagged: trainshare Hackathon Open Data Hackday