The Bourne Identity - A lot realer than one might think

US Predator Drone

Last sunday I enjoyed watching all four Bourne movies including the newest one. Additionally I like the TV series Homeland and Person of Interest. However what is shocking to me, is that while those stories are just made up by writers, situations like those on TV actually occur in real life to people like you and me (well sort of). Algorithms decide whom to kill and drone pilots carry out the strikes like robots. Without formal charges. Without asking questions.

If you have two hours to spare I encourage you to watch the full length track of the #29c3 session entitled Enemies of the State in which the three Whistleblowers Jesselyn Radack (former ethics advisor to the Department of Justice), Thomas Drake (former senior executive of the NSA) and William Binney (former senior technical leader of the NSA) talk about what the government did to them while they played by the rules. Quite an eye opener.

Published: 2013-01-01

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